Wellness with Audrey T

a breathwork teacher doing healing yoga in a room with a ball.

Private Clients

1 Hour Healing Yoga & Breathwork

I’ll teach you how to strengthen your mind and body connection through yoga movement, breath, and a variety of science-backed healing techniques. Sessions are customized to work towards your wellness goals and are accessible to all skills levels.

Single Session = $150

4-Sessions Discount = $479 ($120/session, save 20%)

8-Sessions Discount = $899 ($112/session, save 25%)

Private Yoga Basics for Beginners

Learn foundational yoga poses/terminology, proper alignment, and breathing techniques. I’ll teach you how to modify poses to your needs, follow verbal cuing, and use common props. You’ll become versed in popular sequences such as sun-salutations and chatturanga, and work towards developing your own practice or joining regular studio classes. Session dates are set based on your schedule.

4 x 1 Hour Sessions For 1 Client = $350

4 x 1 Hour Sessions For 1 Client + 1 Buddy = $450

1 Hour Partner Yoga

I’ll design a custom yoga experience to help you and your special someone connect on a deeper level. You’ll explore poses through a fun and new lens, grow together using teamwork and trust building, and enhance your non-verbal communication. Prior yoga experience recommended.

Single Session = $150

4-Sessions Discount = $479 ($120/session, save 20%)

8-Sessions Discount = $899 ($112/session, save 25%)


What is healing yoga and how is it different from a regular yoga class?

Healing yoga is focused on the whole-person. I help individuals reclaim their bodies, and restore and strengthen their mind/body connection. I use movement, mindfulness, and therapeutic techniques to help you rewire your brain towards healing, release stress and trauma held in your body, and experience more pleasure in your life. We will work together to address your physical, emotional, and/or energetic needs, and ensure that you are receiving a potent dose of support to achieve your goals. Standard yoga classes in a more general group setting are complementary to this targeted work as a form of wellbeing maintenance.

What can I expect in a healing yoga session?

For every client, I design immersive, custom yoga sequences (poses and breath) to target a specific topic or energetic blockage. For example, a session on “creating space for myself” may focus on opening and strengthening parts of the body that we might tend to hide and diminish when we are feeling small. For individuals who are holding trauma in a particular part of their body, I work with you to reintegrate that part of them back into the system physically and/or energetically through the movement. For those wanting to improve their mobility and strength, I work with you to deepen poses, lengthen muscles, optimize ergonomics, and bring balance back into your body.

As your body and mind learn a new state of operating, we will work to release old habits. I customize everything from the pace of the sequence, sound/music choice, aromatherapy, cue-ing/narration, and lighting. Sessions are crafted to activate your senses (sight, touch, sound, smell), intuition, provide bilateral stimulation, and use visualization to further integrate therapeutic changes into your mind and body.

What can I expect in a partner yoga session?

For every duo, I design an immersive custom yoga experience that includes thoughtfully sequenced and creative partner poses, and breathwork to help you relax and deepen your connection with each other. You’ll receive hands on guidance and support for achieving partner poses regardless of you and/or your partner’s flexibility and strength. I’ll create a personalized music playlist based on your favorite songs. Every session concludes with essential oils and a mini partner-provided head massage.