Wellness with Audrey T


Private Yoga


1 Hour Standard Yoga Practice


Improve your strength, mobility, and balance. Enjoy a yoga sequence tailored to your experience level and your preferred style (restorative, yin, hatha, vinyasa, power, myofascial, stretch). We’ll work together to achieve your wellness goals and deepen your practice through proper alignment. Option to add up to 5 friends.

1 Hour Acro/Partner Yoga


I’ll design a custom yoga experience to help you and your special someone connect on a deeper level. You’ll explore poses through a fun new lens, grow together using teamwork and trust building, and enhance your non-verbal communication. Includes a personalized music playlist based on your favorite songs. No prior yoga experience required.

1 Hour Healing Yoga & Breathwork


I’ll take you on an immersive yoga journey to activate your senses and explore your internal experience of movement, rather than the external resulting motion. Healing yoga is an integrative therapeutic modality that can help you reclaim your body and deepen your mind and body connection to release stress and trauma. Sessions are designed to help you achieve your goals through a combination of mindfulness, somatic therapy techniques, bilateral stimulation, visualization, sound/music, energy work, aromatherapy, cueing, narration, and lighting.

Yoga Basics for Beginners Program

4 x 1 Hour Sessions = $350

Add 1 Buddy +$175

Learn foundational yoga poses/terminology, proper alignment, and breathing techniques. I’ll teach you how to modify poses to your needs, follow verbal cuing, and use common props. You’ll become versed in popular sequences such as sun-salutations and chatturanga, and work towards developing your own practice or joining regular studio classes. Session dates are set based on your schedule.

Meditation Basics for Beginners


4 x 1 Hour Sessions = $350

Add 1 Buddy +$175

Learn to slow down and fully enjoy the present moment! Explore foundational meditation styles and techniques (mantra, focused, walking, mindfulness, visualization, creativity, sound, loving-kindness, etc.) to discover what works best for you. I’ll teach you how to create space for yourself, nurture and quiet your mind and body, and effectively turn inwards. You’ll become confident in developing your own unique practice or comfortably joining other meditation sessions of any style. Session dates are set based on your schedule.


What if emotions come up in a yoga session?

It is completely normal for feelings to bubble up when you’re moving with intention and releasing stress or trauma. My goal is to hold a safe and thoughtful space for you to experience whatever it is that you need physically or emotionally.

What if I don’t have a yoga mat or props?

No problem! The studio is stocked with everything that you might need from blocks, to straps, blankets, bolsters, etc. There are 4 spare mats available as well.

What amenities does your studio offer?

The studio features convenient and free parking, a bathroom (also serves as a changing room), filtered water, HEPA purified air, and peaceful natural surroundings. Floors and bathroom are cleaned daily.