Wellness with Audrey T


Mind & Body Classes/Workshops

Looking to offer yoga or meditation at a special event or in your workplace?

As an experience designer, I can help you create a uniquely meaningful experience for weddings, corporate events, etc. Let's connect to discuss your ideas and goals.

Group Classes

candlelight yoga and energy release setup

Every Monday @ Karma Yoga (Falls Church, VA)

Candlelight Flow & Release

Enjoy a slow flow by candlelight. This class is aimed to help you release negativity and refresh your mind and body through movement and breath. All levels welcome!

employees doing yoga and meditation in the park

Biweekly @ Amazon HQ2 (Arlington, VA)

Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Life can get hectic and stressful. Create space for yourself to slow down and find calm. Enjoy gentle strengthening, stretching, and meditation. No prior experience required. Amazon employees only. Sign up through Gather.

Experiential Learning Workshops

candles setup for breathwork


Sat, June 15th 2024

@ The Teal Center (Arlington, VA)

Breathwork 101:

Mind & Body Tools to Create Inner Peace

We breathe everyday, whether we consciously think about it or not. Our breath not only nourishes our bodies with oxygen, but also provides us with powerful means to heal and thrive, reduce anxious feelings, and boost our energy in moments when we need it the most.

In this small candle-lit group workshop, join me on a journey through the science of breathwork and its relationship to our mind and body connection. Along the way, you'll explore different breathing techniques, learn and practice new ways to find healing in your day-to-day, and help your body find calm and reset itself.

  • We'll go over the science of breath and how we can harness it to bring our mind and body back into balance.
  • You'll learn 7 powerful breathing techniques that you can use based on your needs and daily routine.
  • We'll do a mini-stress release ritual that you can put to use whenever you desire a reset.
woman meditating while walking mindfully


Sat, May 11th


@ Bon Air Rose Garden

(Arlington, VA)

Explore Walking Meditation:

Slow Down & Set Your Own Pace

Do your thoughts move faster than your body? Ever experience those moments where your fingers struggle to type or write fast enough so that you don't lose your train of thought?

In this experience, we'll slow down our thoughts so that they're harmoniously synchronized with our bodies. Along the way, you'll find your optimal pace and practice holding the space you need, regardless of how fast the world is moving around you.

  • You'll learn basics (science and methods) of walking meditation and apply them on the trails in Arlington.
  • You'll learn breath, mantra, and visualization-based techniques that you can use for any kind of walking that you do.
  • We'll build awareness of our own internal reactions as we move through different levels of stimulation.
woman being present, grounded, and wandering in the forest


Sat, May 25th 2024

@ Bon Air Rose Garden

(Arlington, VA)

Enjoy the Pleasures of Wandering:

From Getting Lost to Finding Your Way

When our minds wander, do we ever let our bodies do the same? What if we let go of our GPSs?

In this experience, we'll spend an hour away from our GPS and explore the Bon Air Rose Garden and nearby area.

  • We'll experiment with letting our intuition and senses guide us.
  • You'll learn to notice your physical and emotional signals and trust yourself in the process.
  • You'll also discover the expansive nature of time when you're fully present and at peace with yourself.

Set aside any expectations for the journey. You can never have a bad day while wandering and embracing spontaneity!

bowl of oranges for mindful eating


Sat, June 29th 2024

@ Bon Air Rose Garden

(Arlington, VA)

Enjoy the Delights of Mindful Eating:

Nourishing Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

Do you ever feel unsatisfied or undernourished after a meal? Do you ever find yourself consuming your meals mindlessly while multitasking?

In this small-group picnic experience, we will slow down and be present with our food, allowing it to nourish every part of us. I'll provide high-quality, locally sourced food as we take a journey together to experience the path of our food from seed to plate, and reframe our purpose for eating.

Along the way, you'll learn techniques to incorporate in your daily life. These techniques will help you get the most out of your self-nourishment rituals (or develop new ones) to boost your physical and emotional energy, positivity, and wellbeing.

  • You'll learn the core practices, science, and benefits of mindful eating and food preparation.
  • You'll resensitize yourself to the flavors, textures, smells, and taste of food, and learn to notice internal cues and honor your needs for nourishment.
  • We'll build awareness of how different foods may nourish us beyond our stomachs, and strengthen our stories and memories with them.