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Wellness with Audrey T

Feeling stressed, anxious, or down? Want to tap into your mind & body connection?


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A few years back when Audrey lived in California, I had the opportunity to have her as an instructor. She led me on the journey within and I learned to visit the peaceful places inside of us. From this I learned the patterns of awakening the physical body enhancing muscle tone enhancing balancing skills to protect us from falling as we age. We are fortunate that we have people like Audrey keeping alive the ancient practices and rhythms of well being. If we are reflecting on what we learn we can encourage others to be well and bloom as humans. I always felt like Audrey is in essence a healer. ~ Paul L

“Audrey's yoga classes will have you feeling like you're on cloud 9! The way my body felt after the first time I took her class was unreal. I had an overall sense of calm, peace, and bliss. She takes you through several asanas with relaxing music. I've been to quite a number of her classes now and I appreciate how there's something unique in each one. I never feel like I am doing the same exact routine. It's always an honor being a student of Audrey! I love her classes!” ~ Tashaunna J

“I worked with Audrey during a time of career reflections/transition. Audrey was a wonderful resource of career coaching and gave me the opportunity to look within myself. Her feedback and advice had been important to me while thinking about the next stages of my career. I would recommend working with her to anyone who wants to explore their next step in their career growth but do not know where to start.” ~ Adam S