Wellness with Audrey T

Integrative Healing


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Inner-Self Exploration

1 hour = $120​

Journey through a structured meditative session designed to help you ​tap into your innate human wisdom using your own intuition and ​imagination. I’ll be your guide as you explore your inner-self in a deeply ​reflective and introspective state. You’ll explore insights into your life’s ​journey, past experiences, present challenges, and future possibilities. ​Each session aims to provide profound clarity, guidance for your life’s ​path, and deepen your understanding of yourself. I use a mix of ​energy healing and mind-body techniques, including guided meditation, ​Akashic records, bilateral stimulation, and intuitive practices.

Choose this if you want to:

  • Non-verbally process challenging or unaddressed personal topics ​through internal exploration in a safe space.
  • Find peace in an unsolvable problem.
  • Gain clarity and insights about your past, present, and future life ​experiences to feel more centered and grounded.
  • Focus on expanding your knowledge rather than problem solving.
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Somatic & Reiki Healing

1 hour = $120

Experience the transformative power of inner-peace and relaxation. ​Through positive intention, compassionate touch, and gentle assisted ​joint movements, we’ll work from the inside out to create space and ​allow energy to flow freely within your mind and body. I’ll be your guide ​as we soothe your nervous system from flight-or-flight to a state of ​restoration. I use a mix of energy healing and mind-body techniques, ​including Reiki, visualization, range of motion, and sound.

Choose this if you want to:

  • Kickstart your body’s natural healing processes to reduce stress, ​anxiety, physical discomfort, etc. from the inside out.
  • Increase self-compassion, self-connection, mental clarity, ​tranquility, and inner-peace.
  • Experience the benefits of a deeply restorative massage with ​minimal touch.
  • Train your body to access a state of rejuvenating calm.
Pink lotus of transformation mid-bloom

Somatic Yoga, Meditation, & Breathwork

1 hour = $15​0

I’ll take you on an immersive yoga journey to activate your senses and ​explore your internal experience of movement, rather than the ​external resulting motion. Somatic yoga can help you reclaim your ​body, deepen your mind and body connection to release stress and ​trauma, and create new pathways of being. Sessions are designed to ​help you achieve your goals through a combination of mindfulness, ​somatic therapy techniques, bilateral stimulation, visualization, ​sound/music, energy work, aromatherapy, cueing, narration, and ​lighting.

Choose this if you want to:

  • Use movement to work through stress, depression, anxiety, or ​release trauma.
  • Deepen and strengthen your connection with yourself.
  • Increase mindfulness through immersive and multi-sensory yoga.
  • Train your body to access different states of being.


What is Somatic healing?

Somatic healing is a therapeutic modality that is body-centered and focuses on the connection between your mind and body. ​It can help you release tension, discover new states of being, and connect more deeply within yourself by exploring your ​physical sensations and bodily experiences.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle healing practice where practitioners use their hands to promote relaxation and balance. Touch typically ​occurs on or above areas such as the head, shoulders, arms, stomach, and legs, aiming to facilitate energy flow and enhance ​well-being.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records refers to the collection of all thoughts, events, and emotions ever experienced by every human being. It ​is thought to be a repository of universal knowledge accessible through deep meditation, offering insights into past ​experiences, present circumstances, and future potentials.

What is bilateral stimulation?

Bilateral stimulation is an evidence-based therapeutic technique used in treatments like Eye Movement Desensitization and ​Reprocessing (EMDR) to help process traumatic memories. It involves stimulating both sides of the brain alternately through ​techniques such as eye movements, tapping, or auditory tones.

What if emotions come up in a healing session?

It is completely normal for feelings to bubble up when working through stress, trauma, and any other challenging topics. My ​goal is to hold a safe and thoughtful space for you to experience whatever it is that you need physically or emotionally.

What amenities does your studio offer?

The studio features convenient and free parking, a bathroom (also serves as a changing room), filtered water, HEPA purified ​air and peaceful natural surroundings. Floors and bathroom are cleaned daily.