Wellness with Audrey T


a wellness coach and yoga teacher with glasses and a black t-shirt sitting on a pillow next to a plant

Private Clients

1 Hour Life & Mindfulness Coaching


Looking for an experienced consultant, results-driven collaborator, and creative problem solver to help you achieve a balanced life? I help individuals and partners navigate work/life obstacles, develop sustainable healthy habits, redesign their relationship with money, create boundaries to limit technology use, and live a more present life. In-person and virtual offered.


What is coaching and what makes it uniquely helpful?

Coaching is a collaborative, thought-provoking, and creative process that can help you flourish in life and become the most authentic version of yourself. By design, coaching is focused on proactively getting you unstuck, surfacing and navigating blockers, creating long-lasting behavior change, and iteratively moving you forward in the big picture of your life journey. We work together to help you find the right answers for you. I specialize in topics that relate to your personal wellbeing and finding balance in your life.

What can I expect in a session?

Each session operates as a discussion and covers a specific topic. During our time together, I will be your guide and ask you questions to help us develop a deep understanding of your underlying beliefs and potential obstacles. You will likely find that our sessions provoke self-reflection and self-discovery. We’ll uncover opportunities to help you effectively move towards your goal and create a plan to experiment with new approaches. You will leave every session with realistic, measurable, and actionable steps, along with relevant customized activities or resources. I bring my wealth of personal and professional skills to help you optimally drive change and transform your life.