Wellness with Audrey T

a wellness coach doing healing yoga in front of a building with the moon in the background.

About Me

My calling is to help you tap into your mind and body connection. This drive stems from my own lifelong learning journey to heal from childhood trauma and find joy.

Before becoming an integrative wellness practitioner, I worked for over a decade at the intersections of technology, experiential learning, psychology, and human-centered product design. I built experiences that taught people technical and behavioral skills to thrive in a challenging world. I spearheaded initiatives to improve equity & inclusion and coached teams through change. During this time, I also practiced yoga religiously to find and ground myself, volunteered at homeless shelters, and tutored low-income high school students to give back to the community.

As an ex-Linkedin content producer and Amazon product manager, I understand how difficult it is to be mindful of and care for ourselves in a fast-changing and distracting world. These life threads inspired my mid-career transition to help people explore their mind-body connection.

I hold a Master of Education in Technology and Innovation from Harvard and I am a certified yoga teacher, and certified transformative life coach. I have taught yoga, breath, and meditation experiences at Amazon, BetterUp, LA Fitness, Karma Yoga, and the Teal Center.