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Wellness with Audrey T

Feeling stressed, anxious, or down? Want to tap into your mind & body connection?


50% Soft-launch discount for private packs until 2024. One per customer. Limited availability.

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A few years back when Audrey lived in California, I had the opportunity to have her as an instructor. She led me on the journey within and I learned to visit the peaceful places inside of us. From this I learned the patterns of awakening the physical body enhancing muscle tone enhancing balancing skills to protect us from falling as we age. We are fortunate that we have people like Audrey keeping alive the ancient practices and rhythms of well being. If we are reflecting on what we learn we can encourage others to be well and bloom as humans. I always felt like Audrey is in essence a healer. ~ Paul L

“Audrey's yoga classes will have you feeling like you're on cloud 9! The way my body felt after the first time I took her class was unreal. I had an overall sense of calm, peace, and bliss. She takes you through several asanas with relaxing music. I've been to quite a number of her classes now and I appreciate how there's something unique in each one. I never feel like I am doing the same exact routine. It's always an honor being a student of Audrey! I love her classes!” ~ Tashaunna J

“I worked with Audrey during a time of career reflections/transition. Audrey was a wonderful resource of career coaching and gave me the opportunity to look within myself. Her feedback and advice had been important to me while thinking about the next stages of my career. I would recommend working with her to anyone who wants to explore their next step in their career growth but do not know where to start.” ~ Adam S

a wellness coach doing healing yoga in front of a building with the moon in the background.

About Me

My calling is to help you tap into your mind and body connection. This drive stems from my own personal lifelong learning journey to heal from childhood trauma and find joy.

Before becoming a wellness practitioner, I worked for over a decade at the intersections of technology, experiential learning, psychology, and human-centered product design. I built experiences that taught people technical and behavioral skills to thrive in a challenging world. I spearheaded initiatives to improve equity & inclusion and coached teams through change. During this time, I also practiced yoga religiously to find and ground myself, volunteered at homeless shelters, and tutored low-income high school students to give back to the community.

As an ex-Linkedin content producer and Amazon product manager, I understand how difficult it is to be mindful of and care for ourselves in a fast-changing and distracting world. These life threads inspired my mid-career transition to help people explore their mind-body connection.

I hold a Master of Education from Harvard and I am a registered yoga teacher, and certified transformative life coach. I have taught yoga, breath, and meditation experiences at Amazon, BetterUp, LA Fitness, Karma Yoga, and the Teal Center.

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Private Clients

1 Hour Healing Yoga & Breathwork

I teach individuals how to strengthen their mind and body connection through yoga movement, breath, and a variety of science-backed healing techniques. Sessions are customized to work towards your wellness goals and are accessible to all skills levels. In-person and virtual offered.

Rates are based on 1 client with 1 guest included free of charge. Additional guests are +$10/person/session. Up to 9 guests maximum.

First Session = $150 $89 SOFT-LAUNCH DISCOUNT

1 Month Pack = 4 sessions $479 ($120/session, save 20%) $239

2 Month Pack = 8 sessions $899 ($112/session, save 25%) $449

3 Month Pack = 12 sessions $1,259 ($105/session, save 30%) $629

*packs valid for listed durations

1 Hour Wellness Coaching

Looking for an experienced consultant, results-driven collaborator, and creative problem solver to help you achieve a balanced life? I help individuals and partners navigate work/life obstacles, develop sustainable healthy habits, redesign their relationship with money, create boundaries to limit technology use, and live a more present life. In-person and virtual offered.

First Session = $150 $89 SOFT-LAUNCH DISCOUNT

2 Month Pack = 4 sessions $479 ($120/session, save 20%) $239

4 Month Pack = 8 sessions $899 ($112/session, save 25%) $449

6 Month Pack = 12 sessions $1,259 ($105/session, save 30%) $629

*packs valid for listed durations

Rates are based on 1 client with 1 partner included free of charge.